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Photo credit: Heart of LA Democrats


Our campaign is grateful to be endorsed by leaders, activists, community members, and organizations who are doing essential work to protect our city, our state, and our country. 

If you would like to endorse our campaign, click here. 

* Titles are for identification only. 


  • Congresswoman Katie Porter

  • Congresswoman Katie Hill (ret.)

  • Delaine Eastin, former California Superintendent of Schools

  • Thomas O'Shaughnessy, County Commissioner

  • Daniel Lee, Culver City Councilmember

  • Alex Fisch, Culver City Councilmember

  • Arlis Reynolds, Costa Mesa Councilmember

  • Kim Carr, Huntington Beach Councilmember

  • April Oquenda, Hayward School Boardmember

  • Erica A. Stewart, San Luis Obispo Councilmember


  • Heart of LA Democratic Club

  • Democrats for Israel Los Angeles

  • SEIU 121RN Nurse Alliance

  • National Women's Political Caucus, LA Metro

  • National Women's Political Caucus, Westside

  • National Women's Political Caucus, San Fernando Valley

  • National Women's Political Caucus, San Gabriel Valley

  • National Women's Political Caucus, South Bay

  • Women's Political Committee

  • Vote Mama

  • Moms in Office

  • Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles

  • Streets for All

  • CalBike California Bicycle Coalition

  • Bike the Vote LA


  • Noreen Ahmed, North Westwood Neighborhood Council

  • ​Rick Almada, CD4 resident

  • Zoe Bannon, CD4 resident

  • Shem Bitterman, Nonprofit Representative, Mid City West Community Council

  • Jeremiah Christopher, CD4 resident

  • Cherie Cohen, CD4 resident

  • Danny Cohen, CD4 resident, Co-Chair, Transportation & Mobility Committee, Los Feliz Neighborhood Council 

  • Adrienne Cole, CD4 resident

  • Stephen Collins, CD4 resident

  • Ryan Dalton, CD4 resident

  • Laura Davis, CD4 resident

  • Liz Dean & David Schulner, Founders, Take Back the 9th 

  • Lauren Eber, CD4 resident

  • Nne Ebong, CD4 resident

  • Scott Epstein, Chair, Mid City West Community Council

  • Stephanie Escajeda, CD4 resident

  • TJ Escott, CD4 resident

  • Keely Field, VP of Outreach, Heart of LA Democratic Club

  • Joshua Fogelson, Former Renter's Representative, Mid City West Community Council

  • Sanda Fluke, Public Interest Attorney

  • Simone Gad, CD4 resident

  • Hannah Globus, Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council 

  • Sam Griffiths, CD4 resident

  • Chelsey Goodan, CD4 resident, The Activist Cartel

  • Seth Gordon, CD4 resident

  • Amy Goldenberg, Board Member, Mid City West Community Council

  • Adriane Hoff, At-Large Representative, Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council & Steering Committee, Streets for All

  • Joseph Hogan, CD4 resident

  • Lisa Katz, CD4 resident

  • Alexandra Kerr, CD4 resident

  • Tyler Lambert-Perkins, CD4 resident, Member At Large, Mid City West Community Council

  • Mike Le, CD4 resident

  • Alyse Livingston, CD4 resident

  • Michael Martin

  • Fred Mariscal, CD 4 resident, Former Vice Chair, The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition

  • Andy May, Chair, Public Works Committee, Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

  • Montgomery Markland, Chairman, California 33rd CD Delegate Caucus for Bernie 2016

  • Victoria Mudd, CD4 resident

  • Diane Murphy, CD4 resident

  • Deborah Murphy, Founder, Los Angeles Walks

  • Katie Novick, CD4 resident

  • Ari Palitz, CD4 resident

  • Erica Pitman, CD4 resident

  • Rick Risemberg, CD4 resident, former Mid City West Community Council Board Member

  • Paul Roberts, CD4 resident

  • Ivan Salas Orono, Mid City West Community Council Board Member & Treasurer

  • Michael Schneider, Zone 2 Representative, Mid City West Neighborhood Community Council

  • Christina Simon, CD4 resident

  • Peter Spears, CD4 resident

  • Thao Tran, CD4 resident, Public Safety & Preparedness Chair, Mid City West Community Council

  • Cheryl Veltri, CD4 resident

  • Spencer Windes, CD4 resident

  • Wendy Witherspoon, CD4 resident

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