Political fundraising 

​Political fundraisers help candidates maximize their own personal networks, and introduce them to new donors who are active in similar campaigns. As a former candidate myself, I know how difficult and stressful raising money for campaigns can be -- and I am eager to make it easier on you!

As your fundraiser, I will help you build your finance plan, organize your contacts, introduce you to new donors, staff calltime, manage all follow-up, chase pledges, and help you build fundraising events. Thanks to my own campaign, and having worked with candidates across California, I also have strong relationships with labor organizations and political action committees throughout the state.

Communications consulting

I have a long resume as a writer across many mediums, and can help you effectively communicate your vision for the future to your donors and your voters.

My communications services include:


  • Coaching candidates on messaging, policy, and setting their day-to-day campaign priorities

  • Designing and drafting fundraising emails

  • Writing endorsement questionnaires and op-eds

  • Prepping candidates for endorsement interviews