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Political fundraising 

​Political fundraisers help candidates maximize their own personal networks, and introduce them to new donors who are active in similar campaigns. As a former candidate myself, I know how difficult and stressful raising money for campaigns can be -- and I am eager to make it easier on you!

The following services are offered on a monthly retainer basis:

  • Local program: finance consulting

    • ​This level of services includes call lists plus one weekly team meeting to support candidate’s volunteers / staff. Includes collateral to keep your team on track, including finance trackers, remit forms, and an invitation template for events. At this level of service, SKL LLC does not staff call time, do donor outreach, follow up, nor manage events. Those responsibilities fall to the candidate’s volunteers and staff.

  •  Local program: finance direction

    • ​Add donor outreach, call time staffing (up to 6 hours each week), call time follow up, one weekly team meeting, event management. 

  •  Sacramento fundraising

    • ​Third house outreach, calendaring, follow up, and events management. 

  •  Email fundraising

    • ​Includes template design, database management, and up to 8 emails each month.

  • Thank you letters

    • ​Includes letterhead design, mailing list cleaning and de-duping, copywriting and mail merging. 

  •  Digital fundraising (social media and streaming)

    • Offered via our partner, Three Gingers LLC.

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