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I want my kids, and all Angelenos,
to have the same opportunities in this city that I had.


My first apartment in this city was $300. That allowed me, and all the young people around me, to pursue their dreams the way young people do. I worked in TV, I went back to school and got a Master’s degree from USC, and I ended up a screenwriter. I’m a proud dues-paying member of the WGA.


My husband and I decided to raise our family here because we believed this was a place full of opportunity for ourselves and our children. But things have changed in the last ten years.


  • Los Angeles is now the least affordable city in the nation. Our friends with kids are leaving town because they can’t buy a home. Renters are being pushed further and further to the margins. 36,000 Angelenos are now homeless in this city, and in our district, homelessness rose 53% since last year. 


  • Our traffic continues to worsen every year, and with it, our air quality, and the risk to our public health. As we add more drivers to our roads, they become less safe, too. Last year, 242 Angelenos were killed in traffic. 

  • Our urban forest is withering around us. Nearly 20% of our tree cover is concentrated around 1% of our population -- which is a huge public health, climate, and social equity issue. 

We can do better. We must do better. 

As your City Councilmember:

  • I will take action to address homelessness, and I will fight for affordable housing. 

  • I will fight to make our streets safer for all Angelenos, with protected bus lanes, protected bike lanes, and wide sidewalks, so that Angelenos who can give up their cars, will. This will help traffic, this will better our air quality, and this is climate action.  

  • I will fight for our urban forest, so that every neighborhood is rich with trees, and has a park within walking distance.

Housing, transit, and green space are how we will grow our economy.  Housing, transit, and green space are how we will create good jobs and take climate action at the same time. Housing, transit, and green space are how we will address social equity issues, and raise up all Angelenos together.


We must act today if this City is to have an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

About Sarah Kate Levy

SKL with family.png

Sarah Kate Levy is President of the National Women's Political Caucus (LA Metro), where she helps recruit, train, and elect pro-choice, pro-ERA women to local, state, and federal seats. She is also a proud dues-paying member of  WGA-West.


She volunteers with the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project, along with several local activist groups, and is a member of the Democrats for Neighborhood Action, Heart of Los Angeles Democrats, Stonewall Democrats, among other clubs. Sarah Kate also serves on the Los Angeles Library Foundation board. 


Sarah Kate lives in Hollywood with her husband and their four children. 

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