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Sarah Kate Levy for City Council 2020

ID# 1410810


c/o Gould & Orellana LLC

249 E. Ocean Blvd., Ste 685

Long Beach, CA 90802

Additional information is available at:




I'm running because I love Los Angeles. 

I landed here twenty years ago, rented that silly white Sebring convertible that every tourist rents, sublet a studio apartment at Highland & Franklin, and never looked back.


I’ve lived in this district, Council District 4 (CD4), ever since. 

I believe Los Angeles is the epicenter of the greatest state in the union, and we are a driver of the fifth largest economy in the world. We have amazing weather, extraordinary international diversity, phenomenal breadth of food, art, culture, experience -- and the world’s best baseball team, according to my kids.  


We also have widening segregation across race and class lines, which is being exacerbated by our ever widening gap in affordable housing. 

We have young people and long-established families being pushed out of their neighborhoods by our growing housing squeeze -- and we have 34k homeless people living on our streets, and closer to 60k county wide.

We have crumbling streets, and a quickly disappearing urban canopy. 

We have traffic and transportation problems that are not the fault of Google Maps and Waze -- they are the fault of poor urban design and a lack of imagination. 

And we have the same policing challenges that face the rest of the nation. 

But here in CD4, I know we can do better, because here in CD4, we want to do better.


Our district is home to some of the most creative, committed constituents in the city. I want to harness all that energy and inspiration to finally make change in our district, change that will transform this city for the better -- for everyone who calls Los Angeles their home. 

I want to discuss housing options that will ease the burden on renters, new residents, our homeless neighbors, and established families across the district.

I want to talk about how we fund our street repair, and ensure our district's streets are repaired, maintained, and kept clean.

I want to talk about a green city, which encourages multi-modal transportation, returns trees and green spaces to the district, and brings life and energy onto our sidewalks. 


I want to talk about a wired city, that brings real-time updates to our bus benches, and allows students, entrepreneurs, and the rest of us, to connect to our studies, our work, and our loved ones, city-wide.

And I want  to figure out how we can better protect our neighborhoods from mail theft, car break-ins, and home robbery, and how we can work with our police department to keep us, and our neighbors all across the city, safe.

Let's talk about our plans for a forward-facing city -- and then let's work together to get it done.